It can be challenging to stay focused during the summer. When it seems like everybody’s on vacation, sitting at home at the office can be demotivating! We know all of this, so I’ve put together this blog post to help you stay motivated during the summer. Here are some of my best ideas on keeping focused and carrying on working towards your dreams! 

Take time off

First up, don’t be scared to take time off! While you may want to be as productive as possible, it can be very counterproductive to work 10+ hours seven days a week. It’s crucial to have some time off every day. Take a full lunch break, make sure that you do non-work related things, and give yourself some time off every evening. 

You should also have a proper vacation. Even if it’s in your hometown, going somewhere can help shift your perspective and come back to work feeling much more focused. 

Aim to take at least a week off with no work at all – don’t even check your emails. You’ll return to the office with much more motivation! 

Work when you feel the most motivated

So, when should you take time off, and when should you focus on work? Quite simply, it’s a good idea to work when you feel the most motivated. Everyone has their own times when you feel ready to work, so decide what yours is, and simply focus on working then! 

Make the most of mornings

If you work well in the mornings, make the most of them! In the summer, the days start earlier, don’t be afraid to take advantage of that and start your day earlier! I start my days at 7:30 AM some days to be done with my day by 2 PM.

You’ll feel super productive as you’ll start working before everyone else is awake, and without distractions, you’ll be able to get lots done – you might even find that you’re able to finish working by midday! 

Meet up with other remote workers or business owners

It’s also a good idea to make friends with other business owners or remote workers. You may feel more motivated and focused just from hanging out with them!

To find friends, you could join Facebook groups for remote workers and small business owners in your area and ask if anybody is around to meet up. Alternatively, you could arrange your own group and set up events where people can get together. 

Professional Development: courses or conferences

If something in particular interests you, you could further your career development by taking a course or attending a conference. Many are even held virtually, and during the summer, there are some creative workshops and even festivals that can help you deepen your knowledge in a particular area.

Put away distractions while you work

You can easily get distracted in the summer – especially when your feed is full of people on vacay! If you make sure that you put away your phone when you work, you’ll be less likely to waste time just scrolling through it. Allow yourself plenty of time for screen time when you are on breaks and in the evening.

Remember your why

Write down your goals and ambitions for your business and work life. Keep this somewhere you can easily see to keep your motivation up. Having a clear idea of these will help you stay focused and be much less likely to get distracted.

It can be challenging to stay motivated while remote working or running your own business, but I hope you have a productive summer with these easy tips!

Share some of your favorite tips on how you stay motivated during the summer months below!


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